Preparation Is The Key To A Succcesful Move

This page contains TIME and MONEY savings tips that allow us to do a better job and YOU, our client, to receive better service at a lower cost. This is not a must do list. This is a list of how the perfect client prepares for their move. Swan Moving and Storage gets paid by the hour. The more work the better. However, if you want to maximize job and minimize price follow as much of this list as possible. Our philosophy is to satisfy you as a client and earn your repeat business.

1. Disconnect the washer, dryer, refrigerator icemaker and all gas connections. Client is responsible to secure drum of front loading washer and dryer if necessary.
2. Remove mirrors from dressers.
3. Typically, it is the movers who break down the beds at pick up and we assemble beds at delivery.
4. Remove any doors that may be necessary.
5. Remove any hanging pictures that might be in the movers’ way.
6. Remove any loose shelves in bookcases, entertainment centers, china and buffet cabinets etc.
7. Keep boxes out of the way of furniture and clear from the hallways.
8. Keep children and pets somewhere safe and out of the way of the movers.
9. Inform movers of damaged or loose items on a piece of furniture or appliance so they can be aware of the best way to carry that particular piece.
10. Clients are to transport their own cash, coin, jewelry, medications, and small valuables.
11. Empty all contents from dressers, night tables, buffets, wall units. Every drawer in the house should be empty.
12. Desk contents should be packed.
13. If you have the original boxes for audio & video equipment please use them.
14. It is recommended that clients transport their own entertainment remotes, plus any cabinet keys or small items likely to be misplaced.
15. Have a map for the driver so that the movers will know the fastest and easiest route to your delivery address. This way we do not drive around the block on your money.
16. When the movers arrive – your freezer should be plugged in and running with freezer goods packed into boxes/bags inside the freezer. The movers will unplug the freezer, remove the frozen goods and move the empty freezer. It is smart to number these packed boxes or bags (i.e. 1 of 6, 2 of 6, etc.)
17. If you are putting your freezer on a cement floor, it would be wise to place some 2 x 4 runners under the freezer to prevent moisture from the concrete rusting the freezer bottom.
18. Always let the freezer sit for at least 1 hour before plugging it in. When a freezer is moved it will cause the fluids (oil, freon) to become unsettled. MOST IMPORTANT: this delay means it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the freezer is plugged back in. Our manpower is trained to warn you of your plug in responsibility.
19. Take out and pack microwave trays.
20. If you are moving in or out of an apartment, arrange for the superintendent to have the elevator put on SERVICE for the movers.
21. All boxes should be closed and taped shut rather than folding the flaps. Use smaller boxes for heavier items. Label boxes on the side not the top.
22. Normally our movers load the sofa and living room upholstery first so; please do not fill the living room with boxes such that our movers cannot access this upholstery.
23. If you have a garage, move all boxes and small items to the garage.
24. Use tape to bundle together skies, garden tools, floor mops and brooms, etc.
25. Empty items from crawl space of basement to a more convenient loading point.
26. All vertical file cabinets can be moved with only the bottom 2 drawers full. The remaining drawers must be emptied. Lateral and fire-proof filing cabinets must be completely emptied and contents packed.
27. If you have a safe, piano or fire-proof file cabinet you must tell our office before your moving date.
28. Movers do not take liquids, fuel, flammables, paint, propane tanks or matches. No lawnmowers, or snow blowers unless gas tanks are emptied.
29. When the weather is cold or damp allow all audio/video equipment to warm to room temperature before plugging in.
30. When the movers deliver your furniture you or your agent should stand near front door and instruct the movers where to exactly place each piece of furniture. When we drive away all furniture is in its proper spot. You need only to unpack your boxes.
31. Please note that an 8:00 a.m. start time means we leave our warehouse at 8:00 a.m. We do not arrive at 8:00 a.m. All start times except for the first job of a day are approximate.
32. Your bill is determined when the hourly rate is multiplied times the actual number of hours the men are on the job. Charges start when the van leaves our warehouse and run until the van returns to the warehouse at the end of your job. This formula recognizes that the movers are entitled to a reasonable schedule of coffee and lunch breaks.

33 please note we do not take checks. Cash Visa or Mastercard only. Debit accepted only for in office payments.