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When moving your home from Point A to Point B, you need trustworthy experts who can handle everything from A to Z - with TLC. Swan Moving & Storage specializes in full household moves of your furniture across the province, town or street. It's a company that emphasizes quality service. Owner Mike Swan began his first moving venture in 1972 while taking English at the University of Guelph. Business was booming, so he kept it going after graduation. Today, Swan can move up to six complete households per day! Their specialized service includes office, commercial, executive transfers, antiques and pianos. In fact, they move up to 350 pianos per year.

Swan Moving is senior friendly and very active in Estate Services including inventory, packing, storage and distribution as necessary. We offer mattress bags and shrink wrap service. Our professional packing service is very strong. At the Guelph head office we have heated storage, sell moving supplies, rent dollies and equipment. We invite last minute jobs. Please note certain prime dates do sell out quickly, so it’s smart to book ahead. For a free, no obligation estimate call 519-821-6683. Mike and Nicole thank all their staff for their prompt, courteous service, and their clients, who have helped make Swan this area’s quality moving service!

Our History

Swan's clear vision

Swan distinguishes itself as this area's quality movers because Mr. Swan and his team share and are dedicated to a clear vision.

"My goal is to build a profitable, quality company with well-paid, professional, dedicated staff working in a positive atmosphere to provide a high level of client satisfaction,” he says. Mike is well known in the household moving trade, and he draws on his 41 years of valuable experience. The operations manager, Ms. Nicole Roadknight, has been helping Mike in the family business since she was 12 years old, and is an enthusiastic manager. Both Nicole and Mike are happy to discuss your household moving needs with you. Swan only books jobs the company is well-suited for and hires experienced professionals with a good work ethic to get the job done right. “Every action taken and every decision made in this company must promote client satisfaction, repeat business and employee morale,” says Mike. He promotes client satisfaction and repeat business by excelling at the most difficult aspect in the moving trade attracting, training and retaining quality staff.

Preparation is the key

Moving is a co-operative effort, and preparation is the key to a successful move.

The more the client does to prepare for the move beforehand, the smoother the job will go.
Moving companies are paid by the hour. Clients who want to minimize the price and maximize the performance can visit www.swanmoving.com to read a tip sheet and clip the $25 coupon. The tip sheet offers great advice on how to save time and money when you’re moving. It helps Swan do a better job and gives the client the best service at a lower cost. The tip sheet isn’t a “must do” list, but a list of how the perfect client prepares for their move. During the move, Swan staff will ask four important questions:
1.“Can you please show me everything to be moved?”
2.“Have we loaded everything?”
3. “Where does this piece go?”
4.“Are you satisfied that everything is in the correct spot?”

Polite, prompt, professional

What people says about us

Swan pays its staff well, offers a generous group health benefit plan to eligible full-time staff, and rewards prompt, courteous, quality service with daily and monthly employee incentive programs. “The difference between us and some other moving companies is we send out full-time professionals who move quality furniture every day,” Nicole says.

In his four decades in the household moving trade, Mike has noticed that it’s often the lady of the house who is in charge of the household move, by hiring the movers and directing the job from start to finish.

Swan employees are always in uniform, polite and efficient. Trucks are clean and on time. There is only courteous, respectful language on job sites or company property. Swan treats its clients, staff, suppliers and the public with respect. Mike regularly receives compliments on his team’s professional appearance and conduct. “Great manners,” “agreeable in nature,” “eager to help,” and “perfect move, no damage,” are some typical remarks from clients! “The atmosphere we create is of the finest quality,” says Nicole. “There is a difference with our company, and that difference is our quality staff and progressive, positive management.”

When moving your home from Point A to Point B, you need trustworthy experts who can handle everything from A to Z - with TLC. Swan Moving & Storage specializes in household moving throughout the province of Ontario.

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